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These are reviews from men who have taken the challenge.

“Before STRIVE fighting porn seemed like a 1v1 battle (me vs porn)... With STRIVE, I have never felt such companionship, such support, a great feeling of community and brotherhood in this fight. I feel strengthened, empowered…”

“I have learned so much more and am able to see the big picture of the effects pornography has on me and those around me. Being free for so many days has given me more peace and has even changed my relationships with others for the better. Thank you!”

“I feel totally awesome. It's been 21 days since I've looked at porn and masturbated, since I started the program. For me, that is a huge accomplishment… My Accountability Partner and I have been doing this together and both of us have been free since the beginning of the program. For me, this has been exactly what I've needed…”

“Quickest 21 days I remember having! My life has changed in that I feel myself dying to my old ways. I can feel a temptation as strong as before, and am responding completely differently. No longer are my thoughts "I should," but "I am" and "I have." Participating in this program has also affected so many aspects of my life I had not foreseen! I am doing my work better, I am wasting less time, I am seeing and treating others with love that I have not before, and I have peace throughout my day. My prayer life has improved significantly, as has my relationship with God. I also have a newfound sense of confidence, for having done this. So joyful and grateful to have done this. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, brothers!”

“I'd say I have everything I need to reach the goals I set forth…

I'm NOT alone. I have you, my brothers, and most importantly I have the grace of God, for whom NOTHING is impossible… And I'll be successful as long as I DON'T try to do it alone. I'll pray for you and ask that you all pray for me. God be with and bless us all.”

“So profound...I know I’m not alone.”

 “My God, what a wonderful opportunity to walk with all of you men, striving to overcome a common enemy... Thank you all for sharing your thoughts so honestly. With God's help and each other's support and encouragement we can all make progress towards freedom.”

 “It is amazingly powerful. I have never been able to talk about porn with anyone before.”

“So many stories and pain posted here resonate with me. Thank God for this program...”

 “This is actually the first time that I have recognized this as an addiction. While I have been doing this since I was about 12 years old, I always felt it was no big deal.”

“... helped remind me that I'm not alone and there are others struggling just like me! I'll keep you in my prayers for freedom!”

“Strive has been helping me learn about myself and what goes on in me when I look at porn and how to break free.”

 “All I can say is ‘WOW!’ It's so impressive to see so many men in Christ opening up, and struggling to fight this.”

“I do not think I have heard this broken down in a more eloquent way. I suppose I always new that there were steps in this whole event but I didn't know them. This whole thing is a battle between the body and the spirit.”

 “I feel I've received a grace from Jesus of really desiring to have a deeper relationship with Him, and to put Him first and strive to please Him and never do anything to displease Him. I've never felt this as strongly as I do now.”

 "Thank you for providing a forum where we can express our thoughts and feelings without fear of being ridiculed.”

“I am awestruck by how many of us are on this journey together… It is deeply inspiring for me to see how many men are here and how honest you are being… It is an honor to share this walk with all of you.”

“I'm glad to be among like-minded people. We all want to get rid of the degradation of porn in our lives.”

So many of the videos were breakthroughs and pummeled much of my pride about my addiction.”

“There have been multiple times since this program started that I have been watching something on YouTube or Netflix and noticed when something happened that was a trigger. Through recognizing this, I was able to remove myself from the situation before it was too late. It is also extremely encouraging when temptation strikes knowing that I am not in this fight alone!”

“each video almost seems as if it is speaking directly to me…”

“Previous to beginning STRIVE, I kept denying that this was really an addiction for me. I recognized that it was wrong and that I had an attachment, but I was loathe to admit that I was really that attached. "Addictions are for other people who don't take their faith as seriously as I do," I thought to myself. That was obviously a very prideful attitude. Earlier this year I was finally able to admit to myself that I really am addicted and that freed me to seek out help, including STRIVE. My new mindset of recognizing my addiction has only been strengthened by STRIVE and that has been incredibly helpful. I also have spent years thinking I could quit (because after all I still believed that I wasn't addicted). But I never did quit, and that frustrated me, even discouraged me. There was this lack of hope, a lack of conviction that things could and would change. But now I am taking actual, concrete steps to overcome it, not simply saying "never again." These concrete steps, which include STRIVE, have helped me to feel like I can and will overcome the addiction, because I'm actually doing something. As men, when we see a problem, we want to DO something to overcome it. Just thinking about it or musing about what we could do makes us feel insufficient. So, the change is that I no longer feel insufficient, I have hope, and I have new confidence that I can be free from this.”

“Somehow in my walk with Jesus I have not gotten to the point where my love for him wins out in this area. This program has certainly made me more aware of all this and is helping me with the resolve I need succeed.”

“As we began the program I realized that I had a mindset that pornography was a way to ease my stress. It was in these times where I felt helpless that I wanted to escape and I turned to pornography. But as we move through this program, and as we progress through lent I have become increasingly able to fall on God instead, and through prayer in those difficult times he has eased my pain and bright me fulfillment.”

“Stepping back and seeing the whole picture and all of the progress that I have made it a great thing and is more motivating for going forward.”

“My mindset is changing the most in how I am able to conscientiously catch myself in thoughts of impurity… When I first started this challenge of giving up porn I thought that simply porn was what I needed to give up. My mindset has changed to include how I view women as a whole.”

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