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Porn is a silent epidemic that's tearing families apart.

STRIVE is a 21-Day Challenge that's proven to help men break free. 

Now, get it at NO COST!

What men are saying...

“With STRIVE, I have never felt such companionship, such support, a great feeling of community and brotherhood in this fight. I feel strengthened, empowered…”

“I have learned so much... Being free for so many days has given me more peace and has even changed my relationships with others for the better.”

“I feel totally awesome. It's been 21 days since I've looked at porn... this has been exactly what I've needed…”

"My life has changed in that I feel myself dying to my old ways... I am doing my work better, I am wasting less time, I am seeing and treating others with love that I have not before, and I have peace throughout my day. My prayer life has improved significantly, as has my relationship with God... So joyful and grateful to have done this."


Available in English and Spanish!

Cards are one of the most effective ways to help men into the challenge. 

Confessionals  - Men's Groups  -  Marriage Prep  -  Counseling  -  Small Groups  -  SA Groups

Registration ($49 ea) has been underwritten, so we just ask that you cover the cost of printing and shipping.

  • 250 Cards Delivered anywhere in the US: $24.
  • 500 Cards Delivered anywhere in the US: $42.

**Larger orders, including dioceses and international orders, please email us. We are fulfilling orders in the tens of thousands to dioceses and conferences. 

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STRIVE: Fast Facts

What is it? 
STRIVE is a powerful 21-Day Challenge (videos, written content, worksheets) by Matt Fradd that helps men understand why they go to porn in the first place, why they should break-free, and how to do so. It's not a silver bullet, but a highly effective resource that equips men with the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to quit porn and begin to live the life to which God is calling them.

Does it work?
Yes! Over 14,000 lives are being transformed in ways they never thought possible. See reviews below.

What Does it Cost?
STRIVE is FREE for your men to register!

How best to share STRIVE? 
We have several resources below to help you spread the word. The best way is through STRIVE Cards to hand out to men, and for your team to have on-hand. You can order those above in boxes of 250. 

Tools for Reaching Your Men

STRIVE is very easy to implement and very low-barrier to entry for your men.  Please download our Quick Start Kit to help you share this resource with your men. It includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Poster, Flyer
  • Homily Guide
  • Bulletin Announcement
  • Social Media Graphics
Download Quick Start Files
Download Quick Start Files - Spanish

Want to Review STRIVE?

You can register to access the challenge at no cost.


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